Model TK-3178 
Frequency range:
TK-2178: 136-174MHz
TK-3178: 400-430MHz/440-480MHz

Number of Channels: 128 channels

FleetSync PTT ID and Selective Calling
Internal VOX enables hands-free operation
Voice scrambler (voice inversion scrambling)
Meets Mil-Spec 810 C, D, E (includes "blowing rain" spec)
Meets international performance/environmental standards IP 54/55
LCD display
Model TK-2207/3207 
.Output power :5W
.Frequency range : 136-174MHZ (VHF)
.Channels :16
.Pll steps: 12.5/25KHZ
.Scan: Yes, advanced scanning options-priority scan. Dwll time etc
.Speaker-500mw at less tan 10% distortion
.QT (CTCSS) privacy codes (38) - prevents you from hearing other radio users other than those in your group
.DQT -- Digital Quiet Talk -more advanced than QT
.Built in VOX and DTMF functions
Model kenwood TK-2107/3107 

.Output power :5W
.Channels :16
.Frequency range : 136-174MHZ(VHF)
.CTCSS and DQT functions
Model kenwood TK-2160/3160 

.Output power :5W
.Frequency Range: 400-430MHz/440-480MHz
.Internal VOX enables hands-free operation
.Voice scrambler (voice inversion scrambling)
.Meets Mil-Spec 810 C, D, E & F (includes "blowing rain" spec)
.Meets international performance/environmental standards IP 54/55
.Three programmable function keys
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