Model A8 
.Frequency range: 150-174MHz / 450-470 MHz
.Channels: 16
.The Mag One A8 portable radio is an ultra-affordable business radio that is ideal for use in retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment and service industries - the right choice for businesses seeking a simple yet reliable and affordable two-way radio to provide ease of communications at the work place.
Model GP2000 

.Frequency Range: 136-174MHz/403-440MHz/435-480MHz
.Memory Channels: 99 channels
.Power Output: VHF - 5W/UHF - 4W
Model GP328 

.output power : 4W
.channels : 16
. Frequency Range:  136-174MHZ(VHF)
                    403-470MHz/450-527MHz (UHF)
Model GP338 
.Frequency range :136-174MHZ/403-470MHZ/470-527MHZ
.Output power :5W
.Channels :16